3rd blog – date: December 18th, 2017

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I would like to use this blog article to thank Claude for the packages that i do receive once a year. He is owner of bUGbUs.nEt – First free and Europe-wide classifieds and show calendar for vintage Volkswagen and Porsche.

Some years ago we got in contact and since then i am very proud to be Co-Admin at the bUGbUs.nEt facebook-site. This fanpage has more than 255.000 followers! Back then i also received a goodie package with cool content. A highlight was this hoodie that you can see in the picture above!

And this year i received an early christmas present again. Now i would like to show you the content of this years package. First of all i received a christmas card with best regards. Additionally i found two stickers, 3 free-cards with different themes as well as a card that where you can note the last oil check. Moreover i found a bUGbUs.nEt calendar 2018 – with great photos of air-cooled classic Volkswagens – and a small booklet that is kind of a driver’s logbook. You can fill in the fuel consumption and costs as well as repairs and other purchases. Below you can click through an album to get an overview of the great stuff that i received.


If you are also interested in this unique calendar, you can order it here:
bUGbUs.nEt calendar 2018

My recommendation: Visit the website and take a look at interesting and rare aircooled VW vehicles and parts in whole Europe. You can publish free Search or For Sale ads or you do it like me and register your aircooled based blog or forum in the link-directory.
Don’t miss the facebook site too – several posts daily with great photos and aircooled stories. At the end i want to place a little logo – by clicking on it you will directly get redirected to the bUGbUs.nEt website:


Thanks again, Claude! Sending best wishes to Zurich, Swiss!

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