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Photos: November 2017 – as we just bought the bus. Unrestored condition.

Meet Eve – the Split Bus.
People also call it a Split Screen Van or a Microbus. But for us it simply is a VW Bus.

– Volkswagen Transporter
– Type 2 – Mod. 251
– Year of manufacture: May, 1967
– 13 windows
– Walk-Through Option
– 7-seater (2-2-3 | with the rare, short middle seat)
– Deluxe interior ex factory (without the Samba roof)
– 6 pop-out windows on the sides
– Original paint: sea blue / cumulus white

Eve has been built in May 1967 – the last year of production of the first VW Bus. She has been put together in Germany and then was delivered to San Francisco (USA) – so it is a real hippy bus! 🙂

What impressed us most, when we first saw her, was the good condition – at least for a  50 year old vehicle! The bus was mostly in original condition – except the grey paint on the lower half, but the original paint was still underneath!

The car spent all of its life in California. In autumn of 2017 it crossed the big ocean, made a short break in the Netherlands and then made its way to Austria. Due to the mild climate in California, the unrestored bus was in an impressive condition. But there still was lots of work ahead of us – follow the restoration progress in our blog!


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