Update: Due to the many cancellations of VW shows in summer 2020 caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, this list will no longer be updated. It is at the state of knowledge at the end of 2019. If you are planning to attend a meeting, I recommend you to inform yourself by contacting the host directly. For 2021 I am planning a new list of VW Bus meetings, which will be updated continuously.


Just like in the two years before, i will make a list for aircooled VW Shows in 2020 too. For Beetle, Bus, Notchback, Karmann Ghia, Fridolin, KdF or even Schwimmwagen and Kübelwagen – here are the most important dates. The list will be updated regularly. Of course you can also send me your show infos and i will add them to the list.

Additionally this year i thought of something new. As this is just a very simply website, it was not possible for me to provide a better overview than the list below. So i thought about starting a facebook group with a real chronological calendar. Might be lots of work, but i will give it a try and add every meeting that i can find from time to time.

Our splitbus is still a project – even though a end is in sight. Eventually we can attend the one or other meeting of the 2020 season too, we will see.

In our blog you can follow the progress of the VW T1 Bus restoration.

chronological order
(? = date has not been confirmed yet. Orientation at the dates of the last years)
(?? = event takes place in irregular year intervals, no date official yet)
(past events)
(* = event that takes place every 2 years)
(** = event that takes place every 4 years)

AT – Austria | DE – Germany | NL – Netherlands
F – France | UK – United Kingdom | B – Belgium
CH – Switzerland | ESP – Spain | IT – Italy
SLO – Slovenia | HR – Croatia | PL – Poland

Last updated: November 2019

Austrian Vintage VW Meetings in 2020


Germany – Aircooled Volkswagen Shows in 2020


International VW Shows in Europe 2020


Upcoming Shows worth to note for the next years