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*Update: Soon you i will post the events for 2020 here.
Additionally i would also like to invite you to my new facebook group so you never miss a VW show in Europe again.


All about VW shows, gatherings and meetings in Europe 2019.

Just like last year, we also spent lots of time collecting several events & dates concerning aircooled Volkswagen meetings – all about Splitbus, Baywindow, Beetles but also Karmann Ghias and gatherings just for VW Transporters (T1-T6).

Our bus is currently receiving a restoration.


Visit the blog. to follow our progress. Once finished, we hope to be able to attend several meetings troughout entire Europe.

chronological order
(? = date has not been confirmed yet. Orientation at the dates of the last years)
(?? = event takes place in irregular year intervals, no date official yet)
(past events)
(* = event that takes place every 2 years)
(** = event that takes place every 4 years)

AT – Austria | DE – Germany | NL – Netherlands
F – France | UK – United Kingdom | B – Belgium
CH – Switzerland | ESP – Spain | IT – Italy
SLO – Slovenia | HR – Croatia | PL – Poland

Last updated: February 2019

Gatherings for Aircooled VWs in Austria 2019


Germany – Aircooled Volkswagen Meetings in 2019


International VW Bus Meetings in Europe 2019

Upcoming Events – next years:

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