11th blog – date: August, 8th, 2018

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After the body work was finished by the end of may, we were kids of lazy. But in July we finally started to work on our bus again.

Sometimes i am not motivated to write new blog articles. If you want to know whats happening you can follow us on Facebook, Instagram or take a look at this thread in TheSamba forum. For example you probably missed our action on the ramp:


But now let’s continue with the real update…

In July we started to remove the windows of the front doors, and prepared for a new paint job. So we took out the old, porous seals at the doors – afterwards we removed all remains of glue in the door frames, as well as small spots of surface rust. Then everything was ready for covering it with primer. Soon the look of Eve would change a lot again..

Sometimes we spent entire weekends outside in the sun with covering everything with primer and wet-sanding everything down again. We used black color to mark the spots that still needed attention. Each area of the bus received 2 to 3 sprays of primer, that we sanded down again each time. As soon as we sat down to make a break, our eye lids got heavy and we could have fallen asleep easily. But soon the bus appeared in all white primer paint and was responsible for several sun burns in my face – especially when working at the roof!

However, i was very happy to reach this mile stone – finally the bus looked good again!

Let’s hope that i can show you some pics in the new colors in the next blog.
Sea Blue (L360) and Cumulus White (L680)

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