10th blog – date: July, 30th, 2018

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Wow, time flies by! I just noticed that the last blog was written in April 2018!
It is time to start blogging again…

Some of our followers might still remember the early VW Bus chassis (pre 1956) that i dug out back in spring 2017 in our garden. Click here to read about it.

After numerous inquieres from all over the world (UK, France, Germany, Austria and also South Africa), the old vw bones finally changed hands. Lets hope that many parts are still useable, so they can be used as donor parts for a new bus that might come back in a few years!

Günter paid us a visit with his 1964 Ford Taunus Transit (former firebrigade bus, still with original paint). He came all the way from Styria to meet us in person and to pick up this little „treasure“. Allthough it was the hottest day of this summer so far (if you ask me), we managed to load the heavy VW remains up on the roof rack of his oldtimer.

I had a great day, exchanging stories and explaining him the background about why that thing had to be excavated from our garden. Beside many vintage pictures I also showed him Eve, our 1967 VW Deluxe Bus, that obviously impressed him.


For other ones it may just be an old piece of rusty metal – but to me it means a lot. Time to buy a showcase…


Soon i will publish a blog article describing the progess that happened during the last months on Eve, our 1967 Volkswagen Bus.

Update: Günter keeps on informing us about his work on the barndoor chassis. In the meantime it is proofed that the chassis originated from a Pre Mid 1953 Volkswagen Bus! You can follow Günters work in this forum thread.

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