9th blog – date: April, 30th, 2018

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Since our last post (Mid April) the look of our Volkswagen Splitbus changed a lot again. In the meantime the body work started – we disposed lots of old metal and replaced it with new one – here is a quick update for you:

Schweißgerät - Blick aus dem Fenster eines VW T1 Busses

It all started at the front. We knew very soon that our bus had a front damage at the lower left area, next to the headlight. Thats why we decided to order a new front mask and replace it. As you can see in the picture below, the old front was fixed long time ago (pre 1990) and already showed some rusty spots again. Now it will find a nice place hanging on a wall!

After the old front section was out, the floor of the driver cabin followed very quickly. We used the opportunity and sanded down all visible metal parts, pipes and bars. Afterwards we painted them with rust protection and primer.

Next thing to work on was the dogleg on the right side. Followed by both of the front doors, that received new skins in the lower areas. In the photo below you can also see the newly fitted front!

Not just the front area of our bus changed dramatically – also in the rear many things changed! As the old floor in the passenger area showed a lot of easy fixes, we decided to replace the entire floor of our 13 window Deluxe VW Bus.

As the bottom was gone, we were impressed by the bars. The still were in great condition after 51 years! So we did some night shifts and removed all the dirt and rust, before we painted the bars again and covered them with primer.

Additionally the one or other small spot also received some metal fixes. At the moment we use every spare minute to work on the bus – and if we are not working on the bus, we are extending our parts list and ordering new parts…

This was just one quick, first update. You can visit Eve’s thread in TheSamba-Forum for more detailed pictures and information.

Last but not least – a picture showing our bus as it looks at the moment. But that will change again quickly – stay tuned!


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