8th blog – date: April, 19th, 2018

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About 4 weeks ago, we rolled Eve, our 1967 Volkwagen Bus, out of the garage and the mild weather allowed us to start working on her – as you already could read in one of our last blogs: L360 Sea Blue

If you would see our bus today, you probably would not recognize it from the pictures back from December 2017 as it still had the grey overpaint. In this blog post we want to show you what happend during the last few days. In general we did a soft dismantling to prepare for the upcoming body work.

As you can see in the photos below, nearly the entire driver side is blue again. What you didn’t see before, is that we also sanded the underbody – or at least the bars.

The next step was to remove the aircooled engine. Starting with the removal of the rear apron as well as the battery, and disconnecting all cables and pipes. By the way – a blue sticker on the battery says that we shall return it to Walmart! Might be a problem…

Then we searched for the famous 4 screws.

The most difficult one was the last one (on the top, left). It is the only one that has to be removed from the other side. Therefore we layed under the bus and used a torque wrench with 2 extensions. Soon this screw was open and we could remove the aircooled engine from the gear box. Afterwards the gas tank was out very quickly.

After a short photo shooting with the bus, its seats and the replacement metal sheets we started to remove the windshields of our Volkswagen Bus. It was not that easy, as it were some later fitted windows that someone had glued and so they didn’t go out that easy. But beeing very patient and carful, we managed to press them out. Finally a safari-window bus! It turned out that the lower window frames were quite rusty and crumbly – so we added them to our order list.

Now the bus is quite emtpy and ready for the upcoming body work. Soon i will update you with lots of pictures – here in a new blog post as well as in Eves new thread in TheSamba Forum.

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