After all these interesting photos of panorama window conversions, my friend Bernhard showed me old photos of Dr. Oetker advertising buses. I would now like to go into this very briefly and point out a few similarities between the two buses, which lead me to suspect that the „Hausberatung“ (housewife advice) bus fleet could also come from this Augsburg based coachbuilder.
Warning: Nothing has been proven here, this is just a guess on my part.

Göppel VW Buses:

Dr. Oetker – VW T1 advertising panels:

Just like the Göppel window buses, Dr. Oetker panels have decorated wheel arches – but at second glance it is noticeable that the shape is more even. Another thing they have in common is the narrow decorative strip without any inlay – which in both cases does not sit on the belt line, but just below it. Here, too, there is a slight difference – in the case of the Dr. Oetker buses this deluxe trim is higher up, while it was placed further down on the Göppel window bus and therefore an air slot had to be removed. This brings me straight to the next point: The Dr. Oetker Bus still has all 8 air slots at the bottom – BUT: There are also 8 at the top! Usually a closed box van ex works only has 3 air inlets in the upper area. In the case of the deluxe window bus, Göppel did not add any air slots, but removed them – so definitely dealt with them and had experience when it comes to air inlets. And last but not least, I would like to draw your attention to the rear bumpers, in both cases they are – if present – separate and thus consist of 2 corner pieces! The versions differ here again, but the positions are identical – on both buses it is located directly under the reflector and only reaches a little below the tailgate.

I am well aware that this is only a vague theory as the details do still differ slightly. But in general, think about it – how many photos of VW T1 buses do you know that even just show one of these mentioned characteristics?
✯ decorated wheel arches (differently colored, chrome edge)
✯ narrow decorative strip under the belt line
✯ anomalies regarding the air slots
✯ a divided rear bumper (two single parts)

In all the years that I have been collecting photos of T1 buses, I have never seen these features on any other bus. Not together – and not individually either! Hence my mild suspicion that the buses may have been converted in Augsburg before they were used at Dr. Oetker company in Bielefeld.

Also worth mentioning is an abnormality that quickly stands out on the Oetker panels: instead of the VW emblem on the front, there is a black circle with horizontal lines in it. What was it used for? For example as a loudspeaker or to cool the puddings you bring with you? Probably my first guess, because other Oetker VW Bus photos show a man with a microphone. In any case, I’ve only seen comparable details on T1 buses one other time – on the very early 1950s „Fendt Dieselroß“ buses! There this mysterious circle was not placed on the front mask, but in the upper side rear area! That doesn’t necessarily mean anything – but it suggests that the Fendt buses could have been in Göppel’s workshop … after all, Markt Oberdorf is only an hour’s drive from Augsburg.

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Thank you for your attention, I hope you enjoyed this mini-report. In another article I would like to take a closer look at the extremely interesting Dr. Oetker VW T1 buses – because there are many puzzling details to discuss here too. As soon as I have finished the Oetker research, I will of course also link it here.

I would like to express my thanks to the following people because they helped me a lot during my Göppel research:

Alexander Weber
Bernhard Wittmann
Martin Židuljak
Mark Spicer
Florian Kalff
Valentin Eggbauer
Michael Morhart
Claus-Carsten Andresen / Dr. Oetker Archive

And last but not least, some advertising on my own behalf … You can find more content like this in my new Facebook group, which is dedicated to this topic – like the name already suggests: ►►► Barndoor Coachbuilds ◄◄◄

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