This time without much text, I just let the pictures speak for themselves. The various features of a Göppel Barndoor Deluxe described previously are clearly visible here.

„Der Mittelberger“-Bus from Vorarlberg:

Other vintage picture finds of Volkwagen buses:


The last picture is particularly interesting. The bus shown differs in various details from all the other pictures. For example, there are 8 air slots that are typical for barndoor buses – and not just 7, as is the case with the other buses shown. In addition, the bus has no windows in the front roof and the decorations on the wheel arches look more oval than round in terms of shape. But what stands out most for me are the side windows. These appear normal-sized – with the exception of the rearmost, small window. Therefore, I suspect that a window bus and not a panel van served as the basis for the conversion.

I also have the theory that this VW bus may have been one of the first Göppel VW buses. In other words, a prototype for the Göppel superstructures on the Bulli. Of course, that’s just my theory, because I can’t prove it. And the picture is not good enough to be able to determine a year of construction. I suspect a 1950 bus in it, but the rain gutter at the front corner is covered by the side mirror, the jack mounts are also difficult to see – but maybe, yes just maybe – the rain gutter does not extend over the entire length, but ends shortly after the third side window. Or the shadow is just deceiving – hard to say …

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