Last Updated: 8th of February, 2021
Usually i would present a big list full of interesting Meetings and Car Shows for vintage Volkswagen Beetles and Buses right here on my website. But as the pandemic already crossed our plans often enough during the last season – and gatherings had to be canceled or postponed.. And as you know, the prospects for the upcoming season isn’t the brightest as well.. Many Volkswagen Shows for 2021 have already been canceled or postponed – sometimes there isn’t any info available yet. So you might understand how difficult it is to build a list, as some organizers don’t know how to plan a event yet – which is again totally relatable.

The most famous victim of the current situation in 2021 VW show calendar is the Veteranentreffen in Hessisch-Oldendorf (HO 2021) – which i really was looking forward to. This event only takes place every 4 years and the registration for about 750 (!) vehicles (for cars up to factory year 1967) was booked out within less than 24 hours! Normally visitors can gaze at very early and rare Volkswagen cars (like Schwimmwagen, KDF-Wagen, Barndoor buses, Split bugs, Ovals, Splitbuses, etc, …) – and that amount of old and fascinating cars always attracts hundreds of people from all over the world. But already a long time before the event would have happened, the organizers announced that the show was postponed from June 2021 to June 2022. And it is very similar with most of the other events that were planned for 2021.

As a guideline – these were the dates for the past season:

So to not leave you without any info, i will post the lists of the previous years below. Please have a look and inform yourself about if or when the event of interest is happening. Just click on the event itself – i always tried to redirect directly to the official event website if it was possible.

2020 – VW Bus Shows
2019 – VW Bus Shows
2018 – VW Bus Shows

Of course all event hosts can feel free to contact me anytime and i will add their Vintage Volkswagen Meeting of 2021 to this site.


As soon as (kind of) normality has returned, i will of course continue to make a generous list of all Vintage VW Bus Shows on my website. Until then i am looking forward to the time that Volkswagen Transporter Meetings will take place again. Stay patient and stay healthy! 🙂