Driven by my search for the oldest VW T2, I got various new questions and insights. According to information from the owner of the currently oldest known T2 (number 38!), his single cab was officially built on July 10, 1967.

  • July? That must have been before the factory holidays?
  • Wasn’t that in the middle of T1 production?

July 1967 – End of the VW T1 era

According to the book „VW Transporter and Microbus – Specification Guide 1950-1967“ by David Eccles, the last T1 with the chassis number 2X7 148 459 was built in July 1967. Unfortunately, no exact day was mentioned in this book.

So I kept searching and found information about a very late VW T1 bus that most likely still exists today. It has the chassis number 2X7 148 256 and is therefore only 206 numbers away from the allegedly very last T1 (see above). According to the M-Plate decoder, the bus has the planned production date of July 12, 1967!

(Note: And this is only the „planned“ date – there may have been delays, so the bus might also had been finished days later.)

Conclusion: The productions of T1 and T2 buses still overlapped. So the T2 (# 38) was built before the completion of some T1 buses was planned!

July 1967 – Start of production of the T2 – still parallel to the T1

Since it has now been proven that the VW T2 bus was built in July 1967, I wanted to find out how many T2 buses in total were produced in July 1967.

Unfortunately, I do not know the exact day of production for chassis number 000.001. But as already mentioned, No. 38 was manufactured on July 10th. built. And the last T2 bus – planned for July 1967 – that I could find has the chassis number 1.609 (planned production day July 14, 1967).

Note: from Monday, July 17th, 1967, until Friday, August 4th, 1967, the factory holidays were presumably planned (at least according to my theory – and various hints confirming this).

Bus: Chassis Nr.: Day of Build (DOB): Notes:
T1 2X7 145 027 July 6th, 1967 (planned) – the earliest July T1, that i discovered so far
T1 2X7 146 587 July 10th, 1967 (planned) – interesting because of the date; similar to the oldest T2
T1 2X7 148 256 July 12th, 1967 (planned) – the last July T1, that I discovered so far
T1 2X7 148 459 July ?, 1967 – the very last T1, according to the book from David Eccles
T2 2X8 000 038 July 10th, 1967
(acc. to VW birth certificate); M-Plate without planned DOB
– the oldest T2 known so far
T2 2X8 001 609 July 14th, 1967 (planned) – the last July T2, that I discovered so far
Mo., 17. July to
Fr., 04. August 1967
Currently I have no references to buses that were built or at least were planned for this period.
T2 2X8 001 769 August 7th, 1967 (planned) – the earliest August T2, that I discovered so far
T2 2X8 000 067 July 12th, 1967 (planned)
August 18th, 1967 (acc. to VW birth certificate)
– an example for the delay. Differences between planned DOB and actual DOB.

The numbers in this table tell us, that for July 1967 – VW already planned the production of at least 1,609 VW T2 buses. At the same time, numerous T1s were built in early July. Between July 6th and July 12th I have records of a total amount of 3,229 planned T1 buses. Even 3,432 cars if you take the chassis number of the last T1 – according to the book by David Eccles.

If you compare the days (10th to 14th of July) of which we know that T2 buses have already been built – we receive a sum of 1,609 planned T2s. Between July 10th and the supposedly last T1 (probably July 12th), we have a total number of 1,669 VW T1 buses. So in the period between July 10th and July 14th, 1967 a lot of T1 and T2 buses were built in parallel. Unfortunately, I don’t have exact figures, because as I said – these are only the planned production days!

Visit this site to read more details about why the planned production date did not always match with the real date of build.

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