Is there a T2 registry? And how many 1968 bus models (built in 1967) survived?

I spent about a week doing research about this whole topic. In this short time I found about 70 still existing buses, which were already built in 1967 – and in many cases I even had contact with the owners. Sure from the total amount of more than 73,500 buses produced in that year, the majority will most likely no longer exist today. But there still seems to be a considerable amount of buses around…

On the Internet I discovered references to about 600 buses that were produced between July and December 1967 – and most likely still do exist today. I found these 600 buses on websites that help bus owners to decode their m-plates. Maybe the one or other bus was scrapped or used as a parts donor since then. But generally I assume that significantly more than these 600 “1967 built T2 buses” survived. The explanation for this is very simple: This website is only used by real VW enthusiasts. „Normal“ owners of older Volkswagen who are not very deeply connected to the scene often do not know about the possibility of being able to query this interesting information on a website. Other people, in turn, may not be using the Internet at all, or may not be interested in the detailed data of their vehicle at all. And some buses are surely still hidden in a barn – probably even since times when this website did not even exist. And with a total of 73,585 T2a buses produced in 1967, these 600 are just 0.82% – so there have to be more out there!

T2a register – a good idea!

Since I collected so much information myself, I briefly thought about starting a T2 register myself – even if it had initially only been for the first model year 1968. That alone would have been enough effort, because around 201,000 VW T2a buses were finally produced between July 1967 and July 1968. So there would have been enough vehicles that I could have included in this register.

The motivation would have been there. But because of the privacy policy, I decided to let it be. There are one or two references to existing, but long inactive, registers that I will follow – but I will not start a public registry myself. Nevertheless I am always happy to receive information about any new or old VW T2 registers.

Out of curiosity and only for my own further education, I will still continue my own list for VW T2a buses model year 1968 – with a production date that is already in 1967. Above all, this will also happen on the Facebook page „67 VW t2a baywindow registry“, where I have recently been added as a co-admin.

I hope my research has helped you, however, it definitely helped me to understand the production figures of that time.

If you know more than I do, then you are always welcome to send me suggestions, wishes as well as improvement hints on this topic.

Get back to the topic overview.

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